Man shot inside Nicky D's Coney Island on Detroit's west side


DETROIT – Detroit police are searching for three people in connection with the shooting of a man inside Nicky D’s Coney Island on Detroit’s west side early Wednesday morning.

Update: Man shot at Coney Island by customers angry that restaurant didn't have fried mushrooms

Police said the 40-year-old man was in the lobby of the restaurant on 7 Mile and Greenfield roads at about 2 a.m. when two men and a woman walked in and shot him. 

The three people got away in a black Ford F-150. Police are only calling the two men suspects at this time.

No arrests have been made. The victim is hospitalized in critical condition. He was shot in his jaw.

Police are working to review surveillance video from inside the restaurant.

A man was shot June 19, 2019 inside Nicky D's Coney Island in Detroit. (WDIV)
A man was shot June 19, 2019 inside Nicky D's Coney Island in Detroit. (WDIV)

No fried mushrooms theory

An employee at the restaurant said this shooting was over fried mushrooms, and that the man who shot was a totally innocent bystander.

"They ordered some fried mushrooms. We told them we didn't have any fried mushrooms. They got mad, left for about 30 minutes, then came back with their license plate off their car. They came in here and fired shots, shooting that one man in his mouth," said the employee. "He comes here every day, ain't do nothing to nobody. He just orders a cheeseburger plain and then leaves."

Again, police are working to confirm the motive for this shooting as well as who, exactly, was involved.

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