Florida is being invaded by green iguanas, homeowners are allowed to kill them

Green iguana (Pixlr)

In the Sunshine State of Florida there is a huge problem of green iguanas and now homeowners are permitted to kill them, according to CNN

The state declared the legal killings due to an exponential increase in sightings of large lizards as they have been causing more problems for residents. 

Iguanas can cause a lot of problems. They eat plants and dig tunnels that can erode or collapse sidewalks, seawalls and the foundations of homes. They can also transmit salmonella. Even though they mostly eat plants, they consume animals too which can pose a threat to native and endangered species.

Green iguanas are considered an invasive speicies, they're not native to Florida but they come from Central and South America, by the wildlife commission. 

Sightings of the iguanas have been increasing since the 1960's and were once only seen in the Miami-Dade county. Now they can be found in the southern, southwestern and some parts of the panhandle of the state. 

The state gives you options if you do not want to kill them, you can get someone to trap them and remove them. Florida homeowners were encouraged to remove dense vegetation, cover the holes and even spray them with a water hose to make them leave. 

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