Detroit woman -- director, chief engineer for DWSD -- fights weight bias with modeling campaign

Palencia Mobley breaks down barriers, blows up stereotypes

DETROIT – A Detroit woman has been recognized by Forbes for breaking down barriers and blowing up stereotypes in a modeling campaign that challenges weight bias at work.

Palencia Mobley, 39, is the deputy director and chief engineer for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

"I'm in charge of all the operations for DWSD, and so all of the water main replacement and repair, all of the sewer system maintenance and rehabilitation," Mobley said.

Engineering is not a common career path for women, she said.

"I didn't have anyone to look up to, and I think it's important I could have," Mobley said.

Her skill in science and math helped her earn her current position.

"I've been successful," Mobley said. "I've been remarkably successful."

Now, she said she can be a role model for other young girls who might want to be engineers.

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