Family mourns 21-year-old Detroit man fatally shot on Fourth of July

Family mourns Detroit man shot while sitting outside on July 4

DETROIT – The family of a 21-year old Detroit man fatally shot on the Fourth of July is speaking with Local 4. 

Family members said Dion Bridges was just sitting outside at a table when someone started firing gunshots. It happened near 7 Mile Road and Schoenherr Street.

“I’m hurt. I’m hurt. I haven’t ate nothing. I haven’t ate nothing ever since it happened. I couldn’t sleep for three days,” Dion’s grandmother said.

It’s a pain his grandmother said she can’t describe. She didn’t want to be identified because she fears for her family’s safety. Especially since her 21-year old grandson was shot and killed. 

It’s been days since the shooting but she remembers every detail, especially the phone call.

“I didn’t’ find out until I came over here and seen him lying on the ground with the blood coming out of his head, and what you think how I’m supposed to feel about that,” she said.

Police said someone shot Dion Bridges while he was sitting outside with his friends. Police said the suspect fired deadly shots down the alley.

It’s something his mother can’t forget.

“It’s like a pain in my body that I never felt before. They ripped my son from his family,” his mother said.

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