Olympic skier Bode Miller pushes for pool safety after drowning death of young daughter

Olympic skier Bode Miller is speaking about one of the darkest moments in his life in an effort to protect others.

Miller's daughter drowned in a neighbor's swimming pool last year. Since then, he's been an advocate for pool safety, even working with a company that's developing new technology to keep children safe.

Miller's daughter, Emmy, was just 19 months old at the time and drowned last June after she wandered into the neighbor's pool. What many don't realize is it happens so fast it's so quiet that before you even realize what's happened, it's often too late.

Almost every day in this country, a child drowns in a pool or a body of water. Since his own daughter's death, Miller and his wife have spoken out about the need for swimming lessons, pool safety, training and also new technology that could help prevent tragedies. Miller has teamed up with the creators of the Coral Manta 3000.

With the help of some young volunteers, Hank Winchester tested the product. It works using cameras, motion detection and the latest technology to alert you if someone enters the water unlike some pool alarms. It's advanced enough to differentiate between a branch falling into your pool versus a human body. It's what really sets the product apart.

The technology costs roughly $1,900, and Miller knows that price tag may be steep for some. He also wants parents to remember some important safety tips that could have helped save his daughter's life.

Make sure the pool has a barrier. A 4-foot fence is ideal. Always have one adult to be the designated pool spotter. Teach children how to swim and teach your children about pool safety. Never allow them to swim alone, and teach them to always have a buddy system so they have a friend nearby if something goes wrong and they need to get an adult for help.