You can bring your dog to Michigan Renaissance Festival

Your dog will 'ruff' the Renaissance Festival


Thanks to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, your four-legged friend can travel back in time with you, too. 

There are a few steps to get your dog into the festival, but it will be worth it. 

If you go to the festival's website you will find some forms that you need to fill out. You will have to prove that your dog is up to date on rabies shots, either with proof from your vet or a dog tag with the up-to-date information. They also ask you bring a photo of your dog.

It's $10 to bring in your dog and $15 if you don't have a photo. The festival will take a photo of your dog for you. You can see the full form to fill out here

You can bring your dog any day to the festival, but the weekend of Aug. 17 and 18 is a "Pirates and Pets" themed weekend. 

There will be different activities you and your dog can participate in, such as dog training demonstrations, pet rescue groups and doggy contests. 

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