Detroit woman in 70s shoots neighbor during dispute over landscaping, police say

Woman in 70s taken into custody, officials say

DETROIT – A woman in her 70s was taken into custody on suspicion she shot her neighbor during a dispute over landscaping, police said.

The shooting happened Thursday afternoon at Indiana and Santa Clara streets on Detroit's west side, according to authorities.

UPDATE71-year-old Detroit woman charged

Neighbor Chip Heathington said he witnessed the shooting.

"At one point, she pointed the gun at his head," Heathington said. "I am, like, begging her to stop."

Heathington is doing landscaping for the 70-year-old shooting victim.

Police said the victim was shot in the foot.

Neighbors told authorities the woman was furious because she thought his landscaping work was eating into her lawn.

"Well, she went in the house and came out with her gun and took it to another level," Heathington said.

Heathington and others said they heard a shot.

"I have not ran that fast in quite a long time," Heathington said.

Others told police the man pushed the woman before a shot was fired. Detroit police are looking for security footage to tell the whole story.

"It is a miracle he only got shot in the foot and I didn't get shot," Heathington said.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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