FBI renews push for tips in 1996 death of young woman in Highland Park

Woman discovered in alley

Unidentified female found May 20, 2996 in Highland Park. (FBI)
Unidentified female found May 20, 2996 in Highland Park. (FBI)

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – An unidentified young woman was discovered dead in an alleyway in Highland Park on May 20, 1996.

Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is sharing a sketch and information in the hope of identifying her. Officials said she could have been biracial and is believed to have been between 15 and 22 years old.

She was approximately 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighed 191 pounds. She had brown eyes. Her hair was brown and reddish in color and tied up in a ponytail.

Her clothing is described as a white shirt with yellow and black print smiley faces, white skirt, white socks with low-cut, black and white gym shoes. She had a teddy bear watch with a leather band on her left arm.

She had an old, horizontal, linear scar under her right kneecap, according to NamUs.

According to the FBI, she had type O blood and her fingernails were painted purple and her toenails painted pink. She did not have drugs in her system but may have smoked cigarettes.

If you have any information, contact Detective Kelly Dupuis, with the Highland Park Police Department, at 313-252-0050 (extension 320). You can also contact the FBI ViCAP at 800-634-4097.

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