Happy birthday, Detroit! Here's 11 things we love about our city

A view of Detroit from Windsor. (Amber Ainsworth/WDIV)
A view of Detroit from Windsor. (Amber Ainsworth/WDIV)

DETROIT – Happy 318th birthday to the great city of Detroit!

Here's a brief early history of Detroit:

It was on July 24, 1701 when Detroit was settled by French colonists, orginally named Fort Pontchartrain.

The French surrendered the fort to the British in 1760 and the British changed the name to Fort Detroit.

Fort Detroit was attacked by Indians during Pontiac’s War in 1763, but the Indians never overcame the strong defenses. The British used Fort Detroit as a base to plan and launch Indian raids into the Ohio Valley. Fort Detroit became an American fort in 1796.

What we love about Detroit

We asked folks in the Local 4 newsroom to share something they love about Detroit. Here are a few:

Devin Scillian: I love the city’s rich sports history. The names are mind-boggling – Joe Louis, Ty Cobb, Night Train Lane, Billy Sims, Dave Bing, Al Kaline, Tommy Hearns, and the one namers – Barry, Stevie and Gordie. Epic stuff.

Evrod Cassimy: I know it’s cliché, but I LOVE the spirit of Detroit. Call me corny, but there’s something about being in this city, at an event, a restaurant, the riverfront or wherever with other Detroiters. The comradery between everyone is magical, addicting and contagious. You can’t help but feel this sense of pride knowing you live in and or work in one of the greatest American cities. 

Rhonda Walker: I absolutely love the Fox Theater. I have been to countless concerts, musicals, plays, weddings, fundraising events and more there for decades and yet every time I go its beauty takes my breath away. I always pause and look up and around and just marvel at how absolutely gorgeous that theater is. It is up there with the most beautiful theaters in the country and the world, I have yet to see one better.

Ben Bailey: The food! There are so many restaurants popping up across the city, there’s always somewhere new to go.

Hank Winchester: I love Detroit because Detroit is a survivor. I love the spirt, the enery and most importantly the people. Happy Birthday Detroit. You’re looking pretty darn good for 318!

Kim DeGiulio: I love the people of Detroit. There’s so many different cultures, races and personalities who all have such a passion for their city. My favorite place is the riverfront. You get a great glimpse of all of the people who live and work here and you get beautiful views of the downtown skyline, the Detroit River and Canada. What more could you ask for?!

Steve Garagiola: Eastern Market, the DSO, and Belle Isle. You get better every year Detroit. Happy birthday!

Koco McAboy: There are a lot of things I admire about Detroit and the people who make the city more vibrant. I come from a family of Detroiters, and their resilience, strength, and love for people is unmatched. I also love the history of the city. Detroit is a place that holds a lot of titles and houses a lot of historic buildings. My favorite building downtown will always be the Guardian Building. 

Larry Spruill: Happy Bornday Detroit. I love the scenery of the city. I recently started running around Downtown Detroit for some exercise. I always have to stop along the Riverfront and enjoy the view. 

Paul Gross: Having been born in Detroit and worked and lived here my entire life, there’s one thing about our city that always stands out:  it’s rich history. From Detroit’s founding by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701, to our roles in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War, to our sports teams (we were given the nickname “City of Champions” after the Lions, Red Wings and Tigers all won their first championships in 1935), to our critical part in the Allies’ victory in World War II as “The Arsenal of Democracy,” to the historic buildings and churches you see when you come downtown, to our amazing music history, and to the brilliant and enterprising Detroiters who have made such an important impact on our country over the past 318 years, Detroit is one of America’s most treasured cities and I cannot be more proud to call myself a lifelong citizen of the area.

Priya Mann: Zen and I love the Shinola dog park!! Amazing people, cute pups and friendly faces! 

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