Police: Boater, 6 women cause chaos at Wyandotte restaurant

Cook fled police with middle finger up, police say

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WYANDOTTE, Mich. – Their party was over when police pulled over a 65-year-old man on his boat with six younger women for allegedly being too rowdy at a Wyandotte restaurant.

Kenneth Orrin Cook, 65, of Detroit, parked his boat at the Waterfront Restaurant before 7 p.m. Sunday, according to police. The women, all ages 28-31, were also on the boat. The restaurant staff refused to serve them because of their alleged behavior and the situation escalated.

Cook is accused of turning the volume up on music the group was listening to. He also allegedly hurled threats and obscenities at the restaurant staff so the restaurant staff called police.

When Wyandotte officers arrived to the scene, Cook ran for his boat despite being told to stop. He then fled the scene with the women on board while giving police the middle finger.

Wyandotte police radioed the Wayne County Sheriff's Marine Division and the Coast Guard. Cook was stopped near the Ambassador Bridge and taken into custody.

ORIGINALWPD: Man, 6 women cause chaos at restaurant, flee Wyandotte officers in boat with middle fingers up

Kenneth Orrin Cook (WDIV)

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