Detroit auto dealer decides not to press charges after stolen Dodge Charger returned

Car dealership owner hopes thief won't make any more mistakes

DETROIT – A young driver who sped off with a stolen Dodge Charger won't face any legal trouble after catching a major break from a Detroit auto dealer.

Willz A2B Auto Sales LLC is located on Detroit's east side. Last week, a man came looking for a car, but it appears as though he had no intention of paying for a 2008 Charger.

The salesman grabbed the keys, but before he could test drive with the potential buyer, another customer pulled in. Surveillance video shows the man taking off.

After a quick check of the surveillance video and talking, the owner and salesman recalled someone calling the same day and asking about the car. They texted the video and images to that number. Several hours passed and they didn't hear anything. They called police.

Through a series of text messages, Will Gissantaner, the owner, convinced the thief to drop off the car anywhere and text the location. He was able to locate the Charger in the same condition it was in when it was stolen.

When he contacted police, they urged him to press charges. However, the owner said he is a man of his word and declined.

He hopes the thief makes the right decisions from here on out. He hopes the thief will come back to the shop and speak with him to see what more he can do to help.

Watch the video above for the full report.

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