Dashcam video shows gunman fire at driver on Detroit's west side

Family members say they don't recognize men

DETROIT – A family was stopped at a red light on Detroit's west side Saturday when they said two men began shooting at their car.

Edna Burgess, her sister and her son were stopped at a light at Tiremen and Livernois avenues when a car pulled up next to them and two men got out. The men fired at the car. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Video of the incident has been released and the family hopes someone recognizes the men in it. The family members said they have no idea who the men are or why they fired shots at them.

"I don't understand why you have to come out with a gun," Burgess said.

The video shows a vehicle passing in the left lane, which is a no passing zone. When both cars are stopped at the red light, the men fired two shots and both struck the front of the family's Kia.

The victims told police they fear the men fired because the Kia was traveling at the speed limit. It's unclear if the men wanted to scare or harm them. The video will likely be key in the Detroit police investigation.

Video below is dashcam video of the incident:

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