Teen boys shoot 10-year-old girl with BB gun while she plays at Detroit park

17-year-old faces charges

DETROIT – A Detroit girl is recovering after being hit with BB pellets as she was playing on a swingset.

She said some teens at the playground did it and when the parents on both sides met up, things apparently got even more serious.

“I just started riding away really fast. I just started riding my bike and riding as fast as I could,” Myshawn Jennings said.

Jennings said she just wanted to get home to her parents.

“I was like, 'Mom, my knees are burning. I’m on fire,'” Jennings said.

Jennings said her cuts and bruises are reminders of what happened to her just a few days ago.

She described the pain as being "like, 6 or 7," on a scale of 1-10.

She said the incident happened at a park on the corner of Tracey and Chippewa streets in her west side neighborhood. Jennings said two teens, a 17-year old boy and 16-year old boy, shot her in the leg with a BB gun while she was playing on the swings.

Seconds after the shooting, she said she got on her bike, went home and told her family. Her father, LeShawn Jennings, and her brother found the teens near the park and brought them back to their home to meet police, she said.

Local 4 obtained surveillance video showing two men walking around the home. LeShawn Jennings said the men were family members of one of the teens.

"They asked why did we call police. I asked them, 'What do you mean, why we called police? My daughter was shot,' and he said, 'Y'all should have sent him back home. We don’t play with police,'" LeShawn Jennings said

Meanwhile, the family just wants answers.

“I don’t even know this boy’s name. I've never seen these boys a day in my life,” Myshawn Jennings said.

Police said the 17-year old boy was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon - felony firearm. He’s due back in court in a couple of weeks. The 16-year old boy was arrested and released.

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