Crews focus on wooded area in Macomb Township for homicide victims

Police dig between Clinton River, 23 Mile Road

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – “Our goal here is to do a very thorough search of this area,” said FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Search for homicide victims in Macomb Township might be connected to convicted killer Arthur Ream

Schneider said that’s going to take some time. They’re purposely going slow, across the wide area, to make sure they don’t miss anything. 

“Our goal is to leave this site knowing whether or not there’s something here,” said Schneider. 

Local 4 cameras there as several agents rode around the site. There was help on the ground and in the air. It’s an all hands on deck approach at the location on 23 Mile Mile near North Avenue. They’re focusing on the North side of the Clinton River.

“Our Evidence Response Team, our Hazardous Evidence Response Team, our Technical Hazard Response Unit Teams are out here,” said Schneider. 

Tuesday, crime scene tape blocked off the area, not allowing anyone but police in. Police said all of this started some years ago, dating back to 2008. Investigators said the prime suspect is Arthur Ream. He was convicted of murdering Cindy Zarzycki. Back then, he led police to her gravesite. Local 4 cameras were there during that search, when they found a purse. 

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Local 4 was there in 2018 when they searched the property again. They received clues that there could be more bodies buried. They believe Ream was involved in those cases too. Until they find what they’re looking for, they’ll be here for the long haul. 

“We have planned to be out here all week," Schneider said. "That’s our plan."

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