Marysville city council candidate quits race after racist remarks

Jean Cramer's name will still appear on ballot

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – Marysville City Council candidate Jean Cramer formally withdrew from the race on Monday.

The moves comes after Cramer's remarks about keeping Marysville white received national condemnation. 

"This really should be an eye-opening experience for her," said Marysville Mayor Dan Damman. "I like to think that decision was based on public outcry. I like to think she recognized herself as unfit to serve as a public official."  

Cramer spoke to Local 4 on Friday and doubled down on her comments. 

"Mixed marriage, that’s what’s wrong," Cramer told Local 4. Then after being asked whether she was a racist, Cramer responded, "Me? No! I have no problem with black people." 

She was later asked if she just didn't want interracial marriages and responded saying they were  wrong and immoral. 

While Cramer has withdrawn from the race, her name will still appear on the ballot.  According to the Elections Bureau of Michigan, the deadline to remove a candidate was April 29. 

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