Detroit woman fatally stabbed as paramedics worked to save heart attack victim in next room

DETROIT – A 35-year-old woman was fatally stabbed Saturday night as emergency medical personnel were in the next room.

UPDATE: Police seek man suspected of killing woman as paramedics helped someone in next room

According to authorities, EMS and fire crews were assisting a man in the same house who was having a heart attack.

The house is on Arizona Street, near the intersection of John R. Street and McNichols Road.

They were performing CPR on a man in his 60s when a man stormed into the home and made the rescue a chaotic situation.

Authorities said they could hear a violent struggle and called Detroit police for help. 

Police and fire have confirmed a young woman was stabbed to death while fire crews and paramedics were inside the home.

Police said the man walked out of the home with blood on him, carrying a knife.

Authorities said personnel received counseling after the incident.

Neither the heart attack victim nor the woman survived.

The Detroit Firefighters Association released a statement Sunday. It can be read below. 

"The Union is thankful for how our fire/medics handled this active situation keeping our members from physical injuries.

This is an open police matter, however the Union has and will continue to address internal 'Broken Command' issues and will be demanding Universal Medical Call Safety Standards Monday."

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