Should deer cull return to Grosse Ile? Growing population raises safety concerns

Deer cull not held in 2019

GROSSE ILE, Mich. – A growing deer population on Grosse Ile is leading to controversy.

Some people think the deer population is getting out of control and want a deer cull to be brought back, while other people don't see a problem with the animals.

Many residents say the growing population is a danger to residents.

Jim and Linda Stanko said they don't want to see people or deer getting hurt when cars hit the animals.

There had been a deer cull on Grosse Ile for the past 10 years, but there wasn't one this year.

Officials said there was no cull because of the legal liability if one of the shooters got hurt, as well as how the shooters were getting paid.

If legal and financial details can be worked out, a cull may be held in January or February.

Hear what residents think in the video above.

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