Video shows man run up behind woman, steal her purse on Detroit's east side

Police are investigating

DETROIT – A woman was walking down a street on Detroit's east side when a man came up behind her and robbed her.

The incident happened in broad daylight and a security camera recorded the incident. Video shows the woman walking home with groceries in her hand when the man robbed her.

"He kind of walked, passed by her, snatched her purse, pushed her down and then took off running," a witness said.

The woman was walking down Charest Street when the suspect ran up behind her, snatched her purse and knocked down her grocery bags.

"It's pretty unfortunate that stuff like this is happening around here," a witness said.

The suspect ran away while neighbors tried to help the elderly woman.

Neighbors said they saw a tan Hyundai being driven around before and after the robbery. They said they never saw the car before and believe it's possible that the driver of car could be involved.

Police are investigating.

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