Cass Tech teacher on administrative leave from Detroit school after allegedly making racist remarks

Cass Tech accused of making racist remarks

DETROIT – A long-term Cass Tech teacher is on administrative leave after allegedly making racist remarks at the Detroit high school.

Students said the comments were made during an economics class last week. Manisha Hurt’s son told her about the alleged joke the teacher made.

“He (the teacher) said, ‘Well I’m a racist now, and I know I’m insensitive to other races so maybe I’ll show up with white cloak and burning cross,'" Hurt said.

The teacher was placed on leave after Hurt reported the comments to the school’s administration.

“My son said he said it with a smile on his face, and I said, ‘It doesn’t matter if he had a smile on his face. Did you hear what he said?’” she said.

Hurt said she views what the teacher said as a threat. She said she doesn’t believe the teacher should return to the school and if he does, her son will no longer attend Cass Tech.

“It will say to me what I think America is about to me -- it’s racism. Racism is real, it exists and nobody seems to care,” Hurt said.

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