Michigan recreational marijuana sales: Who’s opted out

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We're just a couple of months away from recreational marijuana being available to purchase in Michigan. But it won't be available in every community.

In July, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) released emergency rules to put the ballot language into effect until at least Jan. 2020.

The rules are mostly for businesses and growers. Starting on Nov. 1, 2019, MRA will begin accepting applications for recreational marijuana businesses.

Licenses for the sale of recreational marijuana should be expected to be awarded in November and December. However, it's likely you won't start seeing recreational marijuana for sale in Michigan until early 2020, according a MRA spokesman David Harns. Harns said the marijuana will have to be tested before it can be sold. That could take several weeks.

And there's another hurdle, depending on where you live.

Communities opt out, opt in

Hundreds (nearly 1,000) of Michigan communities have decided to opt out of recreational marijuana sales. The opt-out list includes major communities in Metro Detroit, including Livonia, Dearborn, Port Huron, Novi, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights.

These communities can opt back in, of course. Some decided to opt out as a precaution, waiting to see what state lawmakers decide on official rules.

Some opted out simply because their individual communities voted against the proposal in November. Certain communities have approved caps on the number of growers and businesses allowed.

Harns said communities are considered to be opted in unless otherwise noted.

Here’s the full opt-out list for recreational marijuana:

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