Local family fighting to keep teen on life support files federal lawsuit against Beaumont Health

Temporary restraining order granted Friday to keep teen on life support

Titus Germain Cromer, Jr.
Titus Germain Cromer, Jr.

ROYAL OAK, Mich,. – A federal lawsuit was filed this week against Beaumont Health on behalf of 16-year-old Titus Jermain Cromer Jr. The lawsuit alleges Cromer’s civil rights were violated.

The teen’s family has been in a dispute with Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak since last month to keep the teen on life support. James Rasor is an attorney representing the family.

He says Cromer is a good student who loves sports but recently suffered an undisclosed injury. The dispute started over Rasor and the family asking the hospital to give the teen more time to fight for his life.

Doctors at Beaumont believe Cromer has irreversible brain damage.

Rasor filed a temporary restraining order in court late last month to keep the teen on life support. Judge Hala Jarbou of Oakland County Circuit Court granted the temporary restraining order, which prevented the hospital from taking Cromer off of life support.

Rasor was expected to be taken off life support Tuesday, but a temporary restraining order was granted preventing it from happening.

On Friday Rasor said Detroit federal judge, Victoria Roberts, heard oral arguments and granted the temporary restraining order pending a hearing by federal judge Mark Goldsmith. That hearing will take place on Nov. 19.

The restraining order ensures Beaumont cannot take any action to withdraw life support from Cromer. Rasor said the ruling enforces the family’s religious principals will be upheld.

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