Thousands walk Michigan Avenue for Detroit Veterans Day Parade

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DETROIT – Monday is Veterans Day -- a day to honor the brave people who serve our country in the armed forces.

Remembrances started early in Detroit. The 14th annual Detroit Veterans Day parade was held Sunday down Michigan Avenue.

Dozens of residents and veterans came out to celebrate and to honor those who paid the ultimate price and given everything for their country.

“It made it all worth it, you know. People appreciate that," said Veteran Organizer Dick Chatman. "But sometimes, you get the feeling that maybe they forget,”

The parade wasn’t the main attraction. Several events lasted throughout the day in what’s called the Armed Services Salute, showcasing dogtags from fallen soldiers.

“My husband, 13 years ago, decided that they were going to start the parade because they hadn’t had one since Vietnam," said Dolores Salvia.

The parade means a lot to the 60,000 veterans living in Detroit.

“This is what he wanted to do," Salvia said. "He wanted to fulfill our awesome Detroit cause they’re so many veterans,”

“It’s only one percent serving the rest of the 99 percent," Chatman said. "So when that 99 percent says, ‘Thank you,’ it means a lot.”

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