Veteran brutally beaten at bus stop on Detroit’s east side

Ramsey attacked Friday night

DETROIT – Vietnam veteran Phillip Ramsey, 70, is spending Veterans Day trying to recuperate after he said he was forced to fend off five young attackers who jumped him at a bus stop.

“Face fractured, the whole right side, stitches in his mouth. Teeth gone,” said Ramsey’s daughter, Sheila Calvin.

Ramsey’s now unrecognizable after things got physical at a bus stop on the corner of Gratiot and State Fair avenues Friday at 6:30 p.m.

“He said he was fighting three guys and the last thing he knew he got hit with an object,” Calvin said.

She believes that object may have been a crowbar.

“I don’t even know what’s going through his mind right now because I called him this morning and he just started crying,” Calvin said.

The assailants were described as five young men, possibly teenagers. Calvin wants them all behind bars.

“I don’t want to hear, ‘My son was perfect, my son wanted to do that.’ I want all five of them caught. Turn yourself in because it’s everywhere. You’re not going to hide from this. You left my daddy for dead,” Calvin said.

There was actually one young woman, whose name is Danielle Mullins, who was brave enough to come to Ramsey’s aid. If it wasn’t for her, there’s a chance Ramsey’s injuries could have been far worse.

Police are still on the hunt for those responsible.

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