AG’s search warrant targeted emails from Detroit Mayor Duggan, top staff members

Investigating administration’s ties to Make Your Date nonprofit

AG search warrant targeted emails from Duggan, staff members

DETROIT – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Public Integrity Unit served a search warrant in the city of Detroit last Friday.

Community activist Robert Davis got the warrant through a Freedom of Information Act request and it reveals what the AG’s office was looking for.

The AG is looking at emails deleted by the mayor’s Chief of Staff Alexis Wiley in connection with the administration’s ties to the Make Your Date nonprofit.

That nonprofit is run through Wayne State and aims to curb preterm births in the city. A Detroit Inspector General’s investigation found Wiley abused her authority when she ordered those emails to be deleted.

The warrant was for everything electronic from Duggan, Wiley and others over the last five years.

“They are also requesting other high-ranking mayoral appointees emails as well. And what is also revealing is the fact that other satellite sites may have been executed search warrants served on those other sites as well,” Davis said.

The city said it is complying fully with the search warrant.

“The Office of Attorney General is doing its job,” corporation counsel Lawrence Garcia said. “We were already prepared to provide emails related to Make Your Date as they had been pulled for the OIG investigation. Those emails have been online for the public to read for several months. We continue to cooperate fully with the AG’s staff and we hope their work is completed soon."

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