WATCH: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan discusses scathing report on Make Your Date program

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DETROITHere is what you missed on Sunday's episode of Flashpoint: 

It has been a mixed week for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. The good? 

A huge announcement from Wayne State University on free tuition. The bad? An inspector general's scathing report on the "Make Your Date" program. 

The mayor made an appearance Sunday on "Flashpoint" to talk about that and more.

And -- there's a slew of new local-*looking* news sites, but what's behind them?

Segment one: 

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan discusses the controversy surrounding the "Make Your Date" program. 

Segment two: 

Matt Grossmann, the director of the "Institute for Public Policy and Social Research" at Michigan State University, speaks. 

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