Ford unveils new electric SUV: The Mustang Mach-E

‘This is sending a very strong signal of where Ford is headed’

Behind the scenes of Ford's Mustang Mach-E electronic reveal

DETROIT – For put on an hour-long show over the weekend to unveil its newest vehicle: an electric SUV called the Mustang Mach-E.

The Mach-E doesn’t even have the blue Ford oval. Instead, it has the Mustang logo, which is acting more as a brand. When the company went to an auto show is Los Angeles, it wanted to bring a vehicle that said a lot more about where Ford is headed.

Bill Ford said when he first saw the vehicle, he wasn’t impressed. But over time, he began to see the possibilities.

“The Mustang has to have soul, and this thing has great driving dynamics, and it’s really fun to drive,” Ford said.

It’s Ford’s first foray into electrification. Autotrader analyst Michelle Krebs said Ford wants to change the way people view electric vehicles.

“There are a whole lot of advantages, you know -- fast take-offs and you can have great power and you can have performance in an electric car,” Krebs said.

“This is sending a very strong signal of where Ford is headed,” Ford said. “That’s why I thought it was important to lead ultimately with our strongest name, and we’re going to follow it up with the F-150 electric.”

Ford is taking a risk, but it’s a necessary one.

“So far, electric vehicles are only a couple of percentage points of all new vehicles, and everybody’s coming at the market with them,” Krebs said. “Who is going to win that battle?”

There are no door handles on the push-button entry vehicle. There’s space for luggage under the hood for anyone who wants to take a weekend trip because the engine is underneath.

The Mach-E also comes with a next-generation iTouch, making the electric car a rolling computer. The company will even be able to make Mach-E autonomous with over-the-air upgrades.

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