Finger pointing continues after former Warren City Council members vote to give themselves lifetime health care

New members vow to undo vote

Blame game escalates in Warren council health care vote controversy

WARREN, Mich. – The new members of Warren City Council have vowed to undo a vote by former members to give themselves lifetime health care benefits.

The finger pointing continued Tuesday after former members of the City Council voted themselves the perk on Sept. 10. Warren residents are being told nobody really knew about the vote for weeks.

All seven former council members voted to give themselves lifetime health care. Normally, Warren city employees have to work 25 years to receive lifetime health care, but the resolution would give that same perk to City Council members who serve eight years.

The resolution was introduced by Council Secretary Robert Boccomino, who former Council President Kelly Colegio called out Tuesday.

“I am currently out of state spending time with my family and I just learned of the ‘secret amendment’ to the health care resolution which passed on Sept. 10,” Colegio said in a statement. “I would like to clarify that this was a deception perpetuated on myself by the author of the amendment, who I must assume was former secretary Robert Boccomino, since he made the motion approving it, and other witting council members.”

Colegio said she considers her vote on the resolution null and void because the matter went against council transparency rules.

Boccomino doesn’t buy that Colegio was deceived.

The newly sworn-in City Council members, headed by Council President Pat Green, said they will take whatever steps are necessary to undo the vote.

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