Is video of Tesla Cybertruck pulling Ford F-150 really a good demonstration of truck’s power?

Experts say, ‘No’

GF Default - Ford, Tesla's pickup truck war
GF Default - Ford, Tesla's pickup truck war

DETROIT – A video posted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk shows the automaker’s newly unveiled Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 up a hill.

While the video may appear to demonstrate the electric truck’s power, experts say it isn’t a good test.

“It was really not representative of anything," said Sam Abuelsamid, the chief auto analyst at Navigant Research.

According to Abuelsamid, the Tesla is a four-wheel drive truck and the video doesn’t show what’s in the bed of the truck. He said he bets there’s a couple thousand pounds of weight in the bed.

“It was pulling an F-150, a rear-wheel drive F-150 with nothing in the bed. Traction, the amount of traction you can get and ultimately what you can put on the ground is the traction you can get,” he said.

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