How to enjoy holiday meals without completely derailing your diet

You CAN eat without feeling guilty

DETROIT – There are ways to enjoy food over the holidays without derailing your diet.

  1. Holiday-proof your plan -- Stick to your usual meal time, and don’t skip meals before the big feast. Also, offer to bring a healthy dish.
  2. Outsmart the buffet -- Use small plates. Load up your plate with vegetables first so you aren’t tempted to choose other less healthy foods.
  3. Fit in the favorites -- Enjoy the foods you only get during the holidays. When eating those foods, choose them over foods you can have all year.
  4. Keep moving -- Don’t ditch your fitness routine over the holidays.
  5. Get sleep -- Getting sleep will give your blood sugar and metabolism time to reset. Plus, you’ll be less likely to overeat just because you are tired.

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