‘It sounded like a big bomb’ -- Warren house completely destroyed after suspected gas leak

House was completely destroyed

WARREN, Mich. – A neighborhood in Warren is still cleaning up the debris of a fiery house explosion that happened Saturday afternoon.

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The explosion shook homes for several blocks.

The house, located on Le Fever Avenue near Eight Mile Road, was destroyed. Police and Consumers Energy are investigating the incident as a possible gas leak.

Diane Grzelakowski and her 10-year-old grandson live across the street. She said they watched in horror as massive flames consumed the house.

“It sounded like a big bomb,” Grzelakowski said. “I was shaking cause I can’t move and I’m trying to keep my grandson calm.”

Grzelakowski was fearful the flames could spread and called her daughter Lisa Rivera.

“I was pretty freaked out because earlier that day the neighbor said he smelled gas,” Rivera said.

“I figured they would evacuate but they didn’t come,” Grzelakowski said. “I even asked the guy if I could use my oxygen.”

Fortunately the fire was contained to the property. Neighbors said they’re grateful no one was home when the house exploded.

The investigation is ongoing.

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