Michigan boy receives first pair of hearing aids after mother turns to social media for help

Starkey Hearing Technologies donates hearing aids

A Michigan boy got his first pair of hearing aids thanks to Starkey Hearing Technologies.

JACKSON, Mich. – A Michigan boy received his first pair of hearing aids Monday after a tweet from his mother caught the attention of a hearing aid company.

Vincent, 10, of Jackson, learned he had hearing loss last year.

In an attempt to help pay for hearing aids for Vincent, his mother, Kristy, asked for assistance on Twitter. She posted a GoFundMe page, but was told to cancel it when the president of Starkey Hearing Technologies saw it.

“I came across Kristy’s post on Twitter. After reading it, I immediately felt compelled to help. I have a young son of my own, and as a parent, I sensed how much she cares about her boy and how concerned she was about his well-being,” Brandon Sawalich said. “At some point or another, we all need help with something. While asking for support isn’t easy, I’m proud of Kristy for doing what was necessary to make sure her son’s well-being was a top priority.”

Below is a video of Vincent being fitted for his new hearing aids:

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