Friday Finds: New music to check out – Feb. 28, 2020

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DETROIT – Here’s some new music to get your weekend started.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

King I Am -- D. R. U. G. S.

Michigan’s Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows broke up in 2012. But D. R. U. G. S. is back, this time as a solo project by vocalist Craig Owens.

Owens has been pursuing solo music before he brought D. R. U. G. S. back. He embarked on a tour last year under the name badXchannels.

“Done feeling like I’m not enough / Time to call your bluff / Bring 'em in, hit 'em with an uppercut / Walk tall just because I can / Bring 'em in, hit 'em another one / Finally starting to feel like the king I am”

“King I Am” is a energetic, confidence-laced track with both cocky and motivated energy, though Owens said the song wasn’t meant to be cocky -- just motivational.

If you like "King I Am," here are some other songs by D. R. U. G. S. worth checking out:

If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably IsSex Life | Graveyard DancingThe Only Thing You Talk AboutThe Hangman |

Group Therapy -- Elohim

Elohim, a producer and singer songwriter, got her stage name from a Hebrew word for “God.”

Her new song “Group Therapy” was released as she announced her first headlining tour that kicked off in Brooklyn, NY. “I am ecstatic for this next chapter of love with you,” she said on Facebook.

“My favorite face is my extroverted, confident woman, but I also struggle with severe anxiety, and that represents the more introverted side to me. Sometimes it overwhelms me to leave my house, but there is peace in solitude. Loneliness is not something to curse but can be a welcome friend at times. I cherish my one-on-one time with myself,” she told LA Weekly in 2017.

Elohim has a history of being vulnerable and open about her struggles with mental health in her music. She seems to work to promote self-love through her art.

“I’m a function of self destruction / I have discovered I need some help / Looking for others just like myself / I just wanna mingle with some people who are just as weird as me / I’m in the mood for group therapy”

Elohim will be performing at the Shelter in Detroit on March. 6.

If you like "Group Therapy," here are some other songs by Elohim worth checking out:

HallucinatingFYM | ParadiseShe Talks Too MuchHalf Love |

Strangers -- Mt. Joy

Indie rockers Mt. Joy dropped two new songs to announce their upcoming album.

“Strangers” is about love and moving on with strength.

“I am over you, and I am over you / Flesh wound, little flesh wound / I guess I’ll have to fall in love with strangers / Go ride through New York City like I’m famous / And I did not want our love to be erased / But Lord knows we chased it, love just rearranged us / I’m everything I thought I was, even if I don’t have much”

The band also released “Let Loose.” Mt. Joy’s second album is due out June 5.

If you like "Strangers," here are some other songs by Mt. Joy worth checking out:

Silver LiningI'm Your Wreck | CardinalYounger DaysSheep |

You Can’t Fix Me -- Yoste

Kurt Sines goes by Yoste, he’s a young singer-songwriter and producer. He draws influence from ambient and pop music.

"It’s a hugely cathartic thing for me that I can create a song from start to finish in my bedroom, release it and have it connect with so many. It’s one of the most fundamental and emotional aspects of my life and personality,” he said.

He recently released “You Can’t Fix Me," a song he said is one of many he’s poured himself into over the last year.

“Nice to see you gotta go / We are never coming home / Life has got you by the throat, I know / You’ve been sinking like a stone / I know it’s hard to stay afloat / If you can’t swim then get a boat, oh no”

“Like the rest, much of it was recorded in my bedroom but in this case it was finished with some great new friends in LA. I’m a bit of an international boi now. Making music is a privilege, and now’s the time to start sharing,” he said on Facebook.

“Cry me, songs you wrote to spite me / You are nothing like me, keep your phone / Fight me, go on and indict me / I think it’s unlikely you’re alone”

If you like "You Can't Fix Me," here are some other songs by Yoste worth checking out:

HowlEmpty | ChihiroBlueArc |

Tune You Out -- Knuckle Puck

Chicago pop punk group Knuckle Puck dropped a new track as they hit the road last week.

The band played “Tune You Out” to a sold out crowd in Hamtramck during the second show of the tour and suggested more new music could be on the way.

PHOTOS: Knuckle Puck puts on high-energy performance at Hamtramck’s Sanctuary

“Watch me break / While you run around with nothing to say / You toss and then you turn in your sleep / It tears me up inside / I’ll tune you out / Till we all calm down”

While they have already performed in Michigan during this tour, they will return to The Fillmore in Detroit on June 12 for the Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour alongside New Found Glory and Simple Plan.

If you like "Tune You Out," here are some other songs by Knuckle Puck worth checking out:

UntitledNo Good | DisdainPretenseWait |

Other songs to check out:

Upcoming shows:

  • flor at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Feb. 28 (Saturday)
  • Dashboard Confessional at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit on March 3 (Tuesday)
  • MOD SUN at The Shelter in Detroit on March 9 (Monday)
  • The Wonder Years at The Majestic in Detroit on March 14 (Saturday)
  • Doja Cat at The Majestic in Detroit on March 26 (Thursday)

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