College admissions requirements changing due to COVID-19 pandemic

Some schools make SAT, ACT optional

A look into college admissions requirements amid pandemic
A look into college admissions requirements amid pandemic

DETROIT – The coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on the college admissions process.

For high school students, the SAT and ACT tests can consume most of their attention -- until now. Requirements are changing due to the pandemic.

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Many colleges across the country, including in Michigan, are making those tests purely optional.

Eva Otremba, a high school senior, submitted her college essays and grades. But this year, standardized tests like the SAT weren’t a factor.

Some parents were leery of the changes, since most are used to applying for college with a submitted standardized test score.

The new application process is also designed to help reduce anxiety for teens headed to college during an already very stressful time.

Otremba was accepted to the University of Michigan, it was her first choice for school.

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