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For many, the winter holiday season offers joy, excitement and special time with loved ones. Also, for many, that season begins a bit earlier than it should.

We’re talking Christmas music playing in stores and at restaurants several weeks before Thanksgiving even rolls around. Some people don’t mind it, but others feel like it detracts from the season we’re currently in, pushing us ahead too quickly.

So, we asked our Insiders when you think the right time to start playing Christmas music is. Here was your response:

Drum roll please ...

When is the right time to start playing Christmas music?

According to more than 1,100 Insiders who responded to our poll, the correct time is “on or just after Thanksgiving.” About 66% of you agree that once Thanksgiving comes and goes, the Christmas season can take center stage.

12% of people wanted the music to start even later, saying that two weeks before Christmas was enough time to be jolly. 14% of voters said that Christmas music can begin playing in mid-November.

The smallest group, 8% of respondents, said that Christmas music can begin after Halloween -- so, plenty before Thanksgiving.

Thanks for voting this time around! Stay tuned for our next debate topic.

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