Carlita Kilpatrick downsizes from big Texas mansions to rental

Imprisoned ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's wife now rents a home in Arlington, Texas

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - A $1,300-a-month rental house in Arlington, Texas, is what Carlita Kilpatrick now calls home.

The four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot house is modest in comparison to her other Texas homes. Remember that million-dollar mansion with nearly 6,000 square feet?

The Local 4 Defenders found the Kilpatricks living in the mansion while they said they could pay only $6 each month in restitution. An outraged judge sent Kwame Kilpatrick to jail for 18 months for hiding assets.

Then there was that doozy in Grand Prairie, Texas. A photo shows Carlita moving out of the mini mansion. It was at that home where Kwame told the Local 4 Defenders that Michigan law enforcement was wasting time and money going after an innocent man.

"I think Kym Worthy, she went out to try to further advance her career, but I think people see her from the inside out," said Kwame.

The former Detroit mayor since has sent to prison for 28 years on convictions including racketeering. His wife Carlita's name surfaced at trial for taking $100,000 for a school program which was never implemented.

In September, 2013, Carilta popped up on police video in Duncanville, Texas.

Story: Video shows why Carlita Kilpatrick was fired from Texas job

Money was missing at the gym she worked at. Police found the cash in Carlita's desk drawer. She was fired.

We don't know if she found a new job or if she gets help from family and friends to pay for the new rental home. In the past Carlita has written letters to church pastors asking for money to help with the bills.

The new house is 4 hours from the Oklahoma prison where Kwame Kilpatrick is and 1/2 hour from the Texas prison where his father, Bernard Kilpatrick, is.

Carlita could be seen this summer in Detroit if she is called as a witness to explain why she and Kwame accepted free trips to exotic locations from people who got money from the Detroit pensions system.

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