Defenders cameras catch video of golfers at Commerce Township country club despite stay-at-home order

20 cars in country club parking lot

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Local 4 Defenders launched an investigation after receiving tips about golf courses allowing golfers to golf.

The Local 4 Defenders drone was up in the sky above Edgewood Country Club in Commerce Township around lunch time Wednesday and it caught plenty of people hitting the greens -- enjoying the 18 hole course.

This is all happening while we are under a state order to stay home mandating that only essential businesses are allowed to operate. Golf is not essential. Golfers are not allowed to golf.

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Local 4 called the clubhouse and talked to Brian, the manager.

Brian: Golf course is closed.

Karen Drew: I understand you are saying the golf course is closed, but we have video of golfers golfing. Drone footage. And you are allowing this to happen.

Brian: I have closed the golf course, there shouldn’t be anyone out there.

Karen Drew: I understand there shouldn’t be -- you are right, state law states golfing is not essential. If you are the manager why aren’t you doing anything about this?

Brian: I closed the golf course.

Karen Drew: Sir, if you closed something you don’t allow people to go on the property.

Local 4 Defender cameras caught an Oakland County Sheriff’s car arrive at the golf course. The course wasn’t shut down, the deputy left the scene -- and even more golfers arrived.

Karen Drew: Do you have any responsibility? Any concern for the law that states we need to stay home, stay safe?

Brian: Yes, we closed the golf course.

Karen Drew: Have you looked at the parking lot?

Brian: Today?

Karen Drew: Yes.

Brian: No, I have not.

The Defenders counted 20 cars in the parking lot. The manager kept sticking to his story that the course was closed -- as more and more golfers arrived.

Local 4 reached out to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and were told the deputy did tell the club that golfers had to disperse. They also followed up with a second visit to make sure that it happened.

While they were there they noticed the club was having work done on its locker room. Deputies wrote up a violation for both the golf and work being done and it will be sent to the Oakland County Health Division and Attorney Generals Office.

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Local 4 also got footage of people golfing at the Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak. The activity was reported to police who said there was no one on the golf course when they arrived.

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