‘I need my child’ -- Melvindale mother holds out hope for daughter’s safe return

Prayer is 'only thing that keeps me sane,' says mother

MELVINDALE, Mich. – Timika Street is a 36-years-old mother of two who has been missing for nearly half a year.

“Her life pretty much was for those two daughters,” said her mother, Theresa Anderson. “That’s what makes this like very very hard. She is a family oriented person.”

The mystery begins in Melvindale where Street was living with her mother on West Outer Drive. Making ends meet was tough, so she made a difficult decision.

“To me, she made the ultimate sacrifice to send them to their fathers and he came here and picked them up and took them back,” Anderson said. “He’s a good dad.

When Street moved out of Melvindale, her mother said she stayed in the area, working in the food industry before she stopped hearing from her daughter in August.

Andersen said someone thinks they may have seen her at a Christmas party. In January, Street made a phone call to her daughters and police said there was a report of her calling a homeless shelter in April.

Since then, there’s been silence. No social media, no phone calls. Even her van has not been found.

“I just don’t want her to be caught up in any trafficking,” Anderson said. “Maybe she went and tried to seek some assistance at a shelter.”

The Melvindale Police Department is investigating the case. Anyone with information or knows of Timika Street is asked to contact the department at 313-429-1040, ext. 1406.

“I’m a woman of faith and I pray,” Anderson said. “That is the only thing that keeps me sane. I need my child. I need to know she is alright.”

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