Detroit businessman withholds 'bombshell' video, attacks Mayor Mike Duggan, city leaders

Robert Carmack holds news conference at Detroit auto body shop

DETROIT - Businessman Robert Carmack promised a bombshell that he claimed would take down Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, but in the end, he delivered a lengthy and bizarre news conference at his Detroit auto body shop.

Carmack is angry because he thinks the city cheated him out of valuable property.

Detroit mayor: Man who had him followed threatens more 'damaging' evidence if cases aren't settled

Many media members weren't impressed with Wednesday's press conference, because it lacked video of Duggan. Carmack thinks the FBI will be very impressed with his presentation.

Carmack played video clips of old Detroit City Council meetings. Those in attendance were expecting private investigator video of Duggan after the mayor claimed he was being extorted during a press conference two days ago.

Carmack previously released video of Duggan going to a woman's home in the suburbs, alleging an extramarital affair. Duggan told state police Carmack promised to release more footage unless the city settled a property dispute in Carmack's favor.

On Wednesday, Carmack responded with what he calls proof that the city illegally sold a multimillion-dollar riverfront property that Carmack believes was rightfully his. It happened just as plans for a new Gordie Howe Bridge emerged.

Carmack has asked the FBI to investigate the sale.

Carmack has gone to the FBI before to say Councilman Gabe Leland was taking bribes. Carmack wore a wire, and Leland has since been indicted on bribery charges.

Carmack said he still has more embarrassing videos of Duggan but won't release them until after he talks to the state police. His attorney, Steve Haney, said Carmack will not be silenced.

"It's hard to tell why he called a press conference to show mostly old City Council sessions," a spokesperson from the mayor's office said. "There really was nothing new he said that's worth commenting on."

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