Feds bust Metro Detroit heroin 'king' after years of hunting him

'King' Roland Uzericki accused of smuggling heroin in text books, dealing to Metro Detroit communities


His name on the streets is King Roland.

Law enforcement officials have desperately hunted for Roland Uzericki because he was smuggling heroin into Metro Detroit neighborhoods by hiding it in text books. The books appeared no different than the ones you would find in a teenage student's backpack.

However, once the binding is peeled away, addictive, deadly heroin is found inside.

Timmy, who wished not to have his full name used in this story, is a local kid who tried heroin once and got hooked.

"Nobody's stronger than that drug. Your brain wants that feeling," said Timmy.

That's why agents from ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department of Homeland Security, stayed after King Roland. They hunted for him for more than three years. Now, with the help of Detroit police and U.S. Marshals, the "King's" reign of heroin dealing is over in Metro Detroit.

"After being on the lam for 39 months, now he will face the justice he deserves," said William Hayes, special agent in charge, ICE.

Uzericki was busted after a shipment of text books was intercepted in Memphis, Tenn. It was headed to Detroit.

"We ultimately were able to then identify Mr. Uzericki as the intended purchaser of that heroin which was going to be out hitting the streets and poisoning our children," said Hayes.

The day before his sentencing in 2010, King Roland went missing. Federal investigators believe he continued dealing while on the run. They tracked cellphones and executed search warrants until they finally found King Roland in a Detroit home.

They are sending a message to other local heroin dealers: stop, or be captured.

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