Detroit boy speaks about his assault; 'No reason to lie'

13-year-old Detroit boy says he was pulled from school by men, raped


A 13-year-old Detroit boy who says he survived a brutal rape is speaking out.

It's a story no child should ever have to tell.

"I just want to say I want people to know I'm not lying and they need to catch the people who did this to me because I don't want it to happen to anyone else," he said.

It's a sincere plea from the boy who says he was taken away from Wayne Elementary school by two men and brought to a playhouse where he was beaten and raped.

It brought tears to his eyes when he described what happened Wednesday afternoon.

"They duct taped my hands and they were feeling on me and beating me," he said.

Sources say there was no physical evidence of a sexual assault. However, the boy's mother says there is evidence and it's all in her son's medical paper work from doctors. It shows what he was treated for and the medication he was given.

"I've looked at my son physically, and I know he's been tampered with," the mother said. "I seen that myself. I don't care who it is, I'm going to protect my child."

Police detectives say they are still investigating the alleged sexual assault. They say they are searching for a person of interest.

However, at the family's home the nights are long and filled with nightmares as the teen says he is scared for his life. He said he just wants people to believe his crazy but true story.

"I don't have a reason to lie," he said. "Especially about something this serious. Police should believe me. I wouldn't make none of this up."

The boy's mother says he will start counseling this week.

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