Ex-Detroit Red Wings player Darren McCarty gets protection orders against 4 people

Records show PPOs were filed in May against 3 women, 1 man

DETROIT - Court records obtained by Local 4 show retired NHL player Darren McCarty got personal protection orders against four former friends in suburban Detroit.

According to the records, the orders were filed May 22 in an Oakland County court against Tony Juhl, Kimberly Mitchell, Anne Marie Samulski and Louis Barbato.

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The veteran of 15 NHL seasons, who won four Stanley Cups with the Red Wings, claims harassment and slander by the four.

McCarty says Barbato threatened to have a bomb thrown through his window.

Barbato has filed a motion to have his PPO terminated on the grounds that he claims he hasn't had any contact with McCarty in the last year.

As for Mitchell, McCarty says she sent him texts at all hours of the night. The court documents have attachments of text transcripts.

"You have been asked several times not to contact me or my wife. You are stalking and harassing us," McCarty wrote in a text.

--Facebook picture of Mitchell, Samulski and Juhl

McCarty also alleges the women called a radio station to say he was selling crack out of his basement. He says he doesn't have a basement.

He admits he drank and attended parties after his retirement from the Red Wings in 2009, and that he dated the three woman.

Local 4 tried to contact the three women, but there was no answer at any of their homes.

Juhl's attorney, Jeff Abood, said his client had her car window broken out recently and told police she was being harassed by McCarty's wife, Sheryl.

"It seems like it's just a bunch of relationship drama," Abood said.

In a letter to the court, Sheryl writes about her husband's partying after his retirement. But she says that when he cleaned up his act, Barbato and Mitchell "came around everyone once in a while trying to be back in Darren's life."

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A court hearing is scheduled for June 20.

Statement from Darren McCarty

"At this time, my wife and I have said all we feel need said on our behalf. Everything is public record through Royal Oak police and Oakland County courts. Please respect our privacy and we will let the evidence speak for itself."

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D-Mac talks to Bernie about NHL comeback

In an interview with Local 4 Sportscaster Bernie Smilovitz, McCarty opened about his trouble off the ice with drugs, alcohol and gambling.

"I had to go through everything to get to where I'm at today. Unfortunately, I wouldn't choose to go through a lot of it again. Obviously I have some regrets and I wish things could change in some ways," McCarty said. "But to get to the point I'm at with the relationship with my kids and people in my life ... it's sort of sick, but I wouldn't change anything."

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McCarty said his lowest point was realizing he wasn't the father he wanted to be.

"I've always been one to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to," McCarty said. "Unfortunately for me, sometimes that's bad things. But this time I know I'm on the right path and doing the right things."

McCarty spent 13 seasons with the Red Wings. He retired in 2009.

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