Few residents attend Detroit meeting held to address city services

Detroit leaders hold meeting to hear from concerned residents, but few attend

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Detroit leaders met with residents Tuesday night to hear any and every concern about the city under a financial crisis.

The city's water, lighting, police, fire and budget departments all were represented. The only thing missing was a crowd of residents. Only a handful of Detroiters showed up.

The majority of the people in attendance Tuesday night were city workers. They were there as part of their jobs.

The poor showing was problematic since the meeting's purpose was to hear from Detroit residents. However, Saundra Doucet was one of the few who stayed all 2-plus hours.

"There should be more Detroit residents sitting in these meetings to find out what is going on," Doucet said. "Too many people are sitting back."

Doucet's top priorities for her city include lighting, police, firefighters and garbage pickup. Lighting, for one, was at the top of her list since she almost ran someone down the other night because there were no street lights.

Dobey Gavin was at the meeting, too. He is not ready to give up even though there was not much on display Tuesday night other than apathy from his fellow Detroiters.

"People don't want to, sometimes, ruffle the feathers or rock the boat," said Gavin. "But, the thing of it is we have to."

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