HGTV viewers are upset with Fourth of July decoration suggestion

The network suggested using an American flag as a tablecloth

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Home & Garden Television is getting ready for the Fourth of July, and in a segment called 'Classic Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas," HGTV proposed using an American flag as a "bright and festive table runner".

This promotion upset many HGTV viewers, who took to the network's Facebook page to voice their opinions.

One wrote: "Using an American flag as a table cloth dishonors all Americans who love Old Glory — especially those who gave their lives defending it. No one dies for a table cloth."

HGTV issued an apology on it's Facebook page following the outrage.

"This was a regrettable use of our flag and it never should have happened," the network said. "We sincerely apologize and have removed the post from our website. We want to assure our fans that HGTV is proud of the American flag and everything it symbolizes for our people."

But if HGTV crossed the line with this flag table cloth idea, "then a lot of folks are also way over the line," says Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog. Pottery Barn and Kohls sell American flag table cloths, and patriotic bar owners, campers, and military families drape real flags over their tables.

"Are people violating the rules for proper display of the American flag when they put it on a table? Maybe they are, and maybe that offends a lot of people who love the flag and the country — but it sure looks as if the violators love the flag and the country, too. And the companies that recommend this are also suggesting it as a way of showing patriots. So chill the hell out, please."

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