VIDEO: Trump, Slotkin supporters clash at impeachment town hall

Slotkin announces vote in support of impeachment

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin announced she would vote to impeach President Trump at a town hall event in Rochester on Monday morning -- and not everyone was thrilled with her decision.

Slotkin took the podium to explain her decision to support impeachment, but was interrupted throughout her comments by a vocal opposition in the back of the room in support of Trump and against impeachment proceedings.

Many in the crowd of more than 400 people stood and applauded her multiple times, while a smaller group of pro-Trump, anti-impeachment protesters heckled her and yelled “four more years” for Trump.

“To me, this was an issue of principle,” said Slotkin, who worked in U.S. intelligence, national security and defense during the Obama and Bush administrations. She said she made her decision “out of a duty to protect and defend the Constitution. I feel that in my bones, and I will stick to that regardless of what it does to me politically.”

Slotkin represents the 8th Congressional District, which backed Trump over Hillary Clinton in his 2016 election but elected her in 2018 over a Republican incumbent.

Near the end of the town hall, Trump supporters and Slotkin supporters came nose-to-nose. Local 4′s Jason Colthorp captured video of the tense moments:

The House will vote Wednesday on the impeachment articles approved last week by the House Judiciary panel. The vote is all but certain to result in Trump’s impeachment, though he is expected to be acquitted in a Senate trial.

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