Finland dispels plan for 4-day work week, 6-hour days

Finland's 34-year-old Prime Minister Sanna Marin
Finland's 34-year-old Prime Minister Sanna Marin

UPDATE: Finnish Government dispels 4-day work week, says not happening in the near future.

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Finland’s 34-year-old Prime Minister wants workers to spend more time with their families.

Sanna Marin, who’s held the PM position for less than a month, is set to introduce a flexible work schedule that includes 4-day work weeks and 6-hour working days, according to reports.

The purpose on cutting down on office time is to allow more time for workers to spend with their families, on hobbies and with culture.

The hope is also to increase productivity, something Microsoft saw over the summer in Japan.

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For the entire month of August, Microsoft tested a 4-day work week with it’s Japanese workforce. The company says it saw a 40% increase in productivity despite workers spending less time in the office.