Meet woman behind bus providing food and comfort to needy on Detroit’s streets for 30 years

Louse Fincher is her neighbor’s keeper in every sense of the word

DETROIT – For 30 years on the third Monday of each month, homeless people and people in need can count on the helping hands of God’s Favor.

It’s the name of a rickety bus that carries food and comfort to people living in need on the streets of Detroit. There is a woman behind the wheel of God’s Favor.

Her name is Louse Fincher and she is her neighbor’s keeper in every sense of the word.

For 29 or 30 days out of the month she collects food, clothing, toiletries and whatever she can. Then on the third Monday of each month she travels the streets of Detroit in her rickety donated school bus looking for people who need help.

She knows the streets well. The Cass Corrider was her childhood home. When she moved away her heart stayed and so she comes to help because she knows intimately what is needed here.

Because it’s Martin Luther King Day today, Fincher has help, a hockey team, a few folks who have the day off and people looking to do good work for the day. She’s always thankful for the help whether it’s donations, money or hands for the day.

But on the streets people know it’s the third Monday and actually look for Louise in her rickety bus courtesy of the Bellvue Church of God and they receive God’s Favor from the hands of a neighbor who knows this is not about service for the day, it is about service for a lifetime.

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