UAW issues statement in response to lawsuit filed by employee

Union says plaintiff’s legal claims lack merit

5. ServicesPeople who hired lawyers, real estate brokers and other service people had grievances about their help not having proper licenses, misrepresenting their service or doing shoddy work.

DETROIT – On Monday United Auto Workers spokesman, Brian Rothenberg, issued a statement in response to a lawsuit filed by an employee of the union.

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"The UAW is currently reviewing a lawsuit filed by a UAW employee concerning dues paid to Local X. While we cannot comment on ongoing litigation, the following defines Local X.

The vast majority of the International Union’s staff are members of a UAW local union. Article 12, Section 13 of the UAW Constitution provides, however, that the Union may employ non-members with special expertise, such as accountants, actuaries and lawyers. While these types of employees are often not eligible for membership, the Union believes it’s important that – like other members of the International staff – they contribute their fair share to the cost of the UAW’s operations. Local X is the administrative mechanism by which those contributions are made. They are deposited into the Union’s general fund along with ordinary dues payments.

The plaintiff’s legal claims concerning Local X lack merit."

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