California patient tests positive for coronavirus bringing total of 3 confirmed cases in US

Officials in 22 states including Michigan have sent samples to CDC for testing

DETROIT – A new case of coronavirus was confirmed in California Sunday morning bringing the total to three documented cases in the United States.

The US is also investigating several other possible cases including several here in Metro Detroit. This new case comes as health officials in China scramble to stop the spread of coronavirus.

It was an uncharacteristically subdued lunar new year in China with nearly 2000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and now at least 56 deaths from it.

State television reported the country’s president met with other leaders Saturday to discuss measures to fight the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the US consulate in the epidemic-stricken city of Wuhan, China is chartering a plane to evacuate US consulate staff and their families from China.

Many Americans in the region are getting a little nervous.

"A lot of us are kind of, how do I put it, getting a little restless,” said George Goodwin, a US citizen living in Wuhan, China.

Besides the newest case in California, one case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Washington State and another in Illinois.

“She had cold-like symptoms, shortness of breath, fever,” said Dr. Lynwood Jones, an infectious disease specialist.

Officials in 22 states have sent samples to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for testing. But health officials say right now, the flu which kills tens of thousands of people every year in the US is a much bigger threat to Americans.

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