Defibrillator used to save Grosse Point South coach when he goes into cardiac arrest

A group of people jumped into action to save the life of a coach.

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. – A coach at Grosse Point South High School went into cardiac arrest during a game and collapsed on Jan. 10.

A team of people jumped into action when girls freshman coach Bob Zaranek collapsed. On that night he was running the clock for the varsity game.

Less than a minute before the 2nd half began he hit the floor.

“He had no pulse. He wasn’t breathing. this man had no sign of life,” athletic trainer Collin Karcher said.

Cathy Richards, a nurse who was in the stands, ran over to administer CPR. Her son, Kevin Richards is South’s varsity girls coach.

“Collin said he didn’t have a pulse, so I went for the AED ... I knew exactly where it was,” Kevin Richards said.

Karcher put the defibrillator into action, bringing Zaranek back.

Zaranek went into cardiac arrest two more times at the hospital. A piece of plaque blocked an artery. Doctors put in a stent.

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