Rent money returned to couple after teen finds $1,200 in parking lot of Commerce Township Kroger

Mike Mitchell found cash while working

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A worker at the Commerce Township Kroger made a discovery in the parking lot that led to an emotional thank you from a local couple.

Mike Mitchell, 19, was collecting carts at the store on Union Lake Road when he found an envelope on the ground. He opened it and found $1,200 inside.

Mitchell brought the money to Willie Thomas, who was working at the customer service desk. There was a couple’s name on the envelope, but Thomas couldn’t find contact information for them.

Within 10 minutes, a woman came up to the desk. Thomas asked her what her name was and discovered it was her money.

“We live in a world where honesty is hard to find. I care about what is right. That’s why I returned the money," Mitchell said.

Amanda and Terry Grover said the money was their rent money. They were going to buy money orders at the store because it was due that day. Terry Grover dropped the envelope when he got out of the car, and Mitchell found it near a storm drain.

The couple was shopping for about 30 minutes before they realized the envelope was gone. When they went to the desk to see if it had been turned in, they got to meet Mitchell and thank him.

“There’s not bad bone in his body. He deserves all the recognition that he gets,” Amanda Grover said. “We really appreciate it.”

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